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Vacation 2007 Day 1


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I am officially on vacation. Not from blogging and such, but from work. I actually have an entire week during which I shall not be doing anything work related. This has left me mildly dazed and confused.

My last vacation was in 1998. I told my coworkers that I would be going to Arkansas to visit my father, which I did, for the weekend. Then I came back to accomplish a few things around the house. Many of my coworkers, independently of each other, drove by my house to check on things. They saw my car in the drive and had to call me to make sure everything was all right. By the end of the week, the calls were work related. (That same employer called me as late as last summer even though I haven?t worked for them for years.)

This vacation is probably different. I?m still in my first year at the current employer and I?m not sure how they handle things. It may go well or it may not. I have this image of them shutting off my user account and boxing up my belongings while I?m away. That?s not very likely but is mildly amusing.

The week before last, I received a memo that stated that I had twelve days of vacation time that needed to be used before the end of June. Before that, the concept of taking a vacation had not entered my mind. As a result, this vacation has no planning or budgeting and will consist of Not Being At Work. I considered visiting a few relatives, but high fuel prices will keep me close to home. There?s got to be something else.

On the vacation before the one in 1998, back in 1993, I did a little photographic play. I brought back photos of me in many places I did not go. It was a sort of fictional travelogue to show my adventurous nature. I?m contemplating doing something similar this time. On the other hand, that may take effort and may interfere with prime napping time.

Regardless of what I plan for this sudden vacation, I have every confidence that I will not get around to any of it before the week is over. In fact, I may spend the entire vacation trying to figure out what to do. Free time is such a rarity for me that I often squander it trying to decide how to use it. I wish I had a proper hobby over which to be obsessed; that would solve things. Unfortunately, I?m an unmarried work-addict and that just isn?t a good hobby to pursue on vacation.

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