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It was nearly two weeks that was offline. It was a strange and annoying set of circumstances. Now, as far as I can tell, things are back to, well, normal.

Things were already strained with the previous hosting service. They changed management or something late last year. I tried to build some other sites for people and suddenly got very bad service. Attempts to contact the host went unanswered. After a while, I decided that I needed to use a different service.

The new service, worked well for new sites I built. Unfortunately, I didn?t have the time to immediately move the LibertyBob site to the new host. The best I could do with my time constraints was to make sure that I had good copies of my database. It?s a good thing I did too.

One day, a couple of weeks ago, the database connectivity at the old host went away. I?m not sure why. After verifying that my code was still correct, I decided it was time to move the site. It took a couple of days before I had time to do so.

Anyway, the site has now been moved. The code has been updated a bit, though not as much as I wanted. The programming language behind this site is called PHP. The current site uses a version that is slightly behind the absolute latest version. That?s ok; it?s best to go with the tried and true. However, my newest code used the latest version and it took me a few days to get everything converted back and tested.

On top of all of this, at about the same time, I was diagnosed with diabetes. This increased my stress level quite a bit and put other things on my mind. Since my diet was pretty good to start, the assumption is that my lack of exercise and the consistent stress were the primary causes of the diabetes. (At least, these would strong contributors. The actual cause of diabetes is still uncertain.)

The most annoying part of the site being down was that there were so many wonderful things to comment on over that time period. The obvious ones were Paris Hilton and President Bush at the G8. It is obvious the Ms. Hilton?s psychological difficulty in jail can be solved with Grow the Hell Up therapy.

The Bush problem is a little more serious. It seems the Soviet Premier Russian President Putin doesn?t care much for Bush?s plan for a missile defense system in Eastern Europe. This caused a great deal of tension at the G8 summit. Bush decided to tell his mommy that he was ill and needed to go home early rather than solve the problem. He just didn?t realize that he could solve the problem with one of his patented shoulder rubs.

That?s enough crap for now. Since the diagnosis of diabetes, I?ve had to tone down my hours at work to about fifty or sixty. That means that I may actually have time to keep the site up to date a little better. I may even have time to add some more desirable feature so that your time here gave a better return on investment.

Oh, one more thing: thank you for visiting

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