Red Winged Black Bird on a fence post in a field.

I Remember the Morning


Category: poetry
I remember the morning, with its early spring chill
The sun rose slowly in the light blue sky
Thawing snow in gentle rivulets ran
Between the green shoots rising from the black soil

Red-winged black birds chirped their exuberance
Near ditches and other low places with weeds
They build their nests there just a few feet up
Close to the water but not too far down

Breezes came then bounding out of the west hills
Chilling the skin when hit in the shadows
No longer the winds that ravage the winter
Like wolves turned to puppies to greet the new year

I stood in one place with the bright sunlight on me
The breeze at my back could not bother me then
The warmth of the sun was freely received
Like I was a green shoot rising from the black soil

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