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Time's up. Put your pencils down. Pass your poems forward to the LibertyBob Web Site. OK, you really don't have to stop writing. I just always wanted to say that particular expression just to watch the fear in everyone's eyes.

Anyway, on Friday I gave you an assignment to write a poem about something politically oriented. It didn't matter what you wrote about; I just wanted to encourage the writing of poetry and some political awareness. Now that you've had some time, just open the comments and either enter your poem or direct people to the location of your poem. Of course, the poems could be any type. You could do a limerick:

Politicians, you know, are like weasels
You should avoid them like they got the measles
Each one is a thief
They lie through their teeth
And they emit hot exhaust just like diesels

You can also try to do a haiku:

Election season
Just like a rectal exam
Does not end too soon

If you're really good, you can do a Villanelle. (Note: Even I am not going to attempt that!) There are plenty of poetry styles from which to choose. There is even something called Free Verse in which you can have absolutely no style at all!

There are also plenty of political topics. You can pick one party or another. You can write about all the parties. There are plenty of political figures to parody or offend. You can write a lovely poem about Bush's ears or Kerry's eyebrows. As for Ted Kennedy, there's a whole world of material from which to write a poem. (A thought comes to mind: The Midnight Ride of Teddy Kennedy. It involves a bridge.)

Of course, you don't have to limit yourself to political figures. There are laws and bills and arguments a-plenty to satirize in verse. Make fun of the war in Iraq. Do a little ditty about gay marriage. Poke fun at the United Nations or NATO or OPEC or the League of Kitten Eaters. You can even make up your own nations and stuff. That's called fiction. For an example of fiction, do a web search on "Michael Moore Movies", "Weapons of Mass Destruction", or "French Diplomatic Authority".

So, LibertyBob Reader, show me those poems. Since this site is kind of goofy, really good poems might not look quite right; so enter goofier poems if you have them.

Thanks for playing along, and thanks for visiting

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