Red Winged Black Bird on a fence post in a field.

Staying in Bed


Category: poetry

Time to go wake up your baby sitter
Tell her under your bed there?s a nasty critter
It?s got sharp teeth and long black nails
And smells like old sock when it exhales
Got thousands of eyes on the top of its head
That?s one nasty critter living under your bed

You?ll be safe if you stay in the bed
Pull up the sheets way over your head
Don?t even let a single toe stick out
Or he will grab it and make you shout
He?ll open his maw and wrap his tongue ?round your ankle
If the teeth don?t do you in you know that the stank?ll

You should have left a light on there in your room
Now you can only imagine the face of your doom
Let out your shriek and race across the floor
You know he can?t get you if you get out the door
Suddenly your room is a gigantic space
You can?t really be sure that you?ll win that race

Best to stay in bed.

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