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Ode to Code


Category: poetry
My programming project is wearing me down.
Variables and key words are swimming around.
I ponder and ponder;
My mind does wander.
Does it not know where the solution will be found?

There's one more bug that I've got to find.
I'm sure that it's here, or on the next line.
My headache is blooming.
The due date is looming.
Though it's a failure I want to resign.

I've been here before and I know I can do it.
I just have to concentrate and put my mind to it.
I can't let the stress get me.
I just have to sit me,
Down at the keyboard and try to intuit.

A triumphant compile and my code is working,
But I'm too paranoid to sit here smirking.
I try all the test sets,
But I'm placing my bets,
On there still being some bug in there lurking.

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