Red Winged Black Bird on a fence post in a field.

Buzzard Holiday


Category: poetry

The buzzard males make noise and start to carry on,
After dowsing themselves liberally in ?Ode de Carrion?,
Trying to attract a mate with their best hideous screech.
It?s fun to watch buzzards when they gather at the beach.

They strut around and try to have fun,
Playing with balls and enjoying the sun,
Taking the day off from circling around
Enjoying the sites from down on the ground.

One will get hungry and break out some road kill.
They?ll all gather ?round to get their fill.
Usually they have squirrel or opossum or deer
There?s usually something squished not far from here

Their little party will last till the night
They all take off in the waning light
Real predators show up when the sun goes down
That?s not really time for scavengers to be around.

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