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The Eyes that Haunt my Dreams


Category: poetry

Light from jewels that hearken back,

To the spark of primeval creation,

Brings the warmth, the cold does crack,

To release the heart?s elation.

Such eyes with just a single glance,

Send my soul to a brighter place,

Interpreting the gesture, Oh per chance!

To be a welcoming invitation.


Beauty knows no greater glory,

Than the eyes that hint such charms,

And bring desire to retell the story,

Of pleasure so great that it harms,

All who have known the warmth of,

The secret grotto where time waits,

Where the only food there is love,

Grown of sunlight from loving arms.


Yet, I fear the lovers? grotto,

To be a prisoner in that room,

But if you ask, then I must go,

I must accept that as my doom.

At least you will be always with me,

Though past tales say otherwise,

As couple after couple fell to tragedy,

The light of love returned to gloom.


Still, I do not seek salvation.

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