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Weekend Project


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Yesterday's little teaser showed you a poem involving our Vice President Dick Cheney. I also promised you a lot of fun and interesting stuff for today. Well, here it is.

I am offering this challenge for you, the honorable visitor to my humble website, to write a poem or two about something or someone in the news. If it's politics or world domination, set it to the page with the meter that makes it fun to read. Don't worry if you know nothing about politics or the news; most pundits don't know anything.

Likewise, you don't have to be good at poetry. Many of you are great poets. Some of you may not be that polished at it. It just takes practice. That's not important! Just write something.

When you have your poem(s) written, post them. If you have a blog, post it there. If you don't have a blog, or don't want that kind of crap there, just post it in my comments. It doesn't matter; you just need to get your poetry out.

To get you started, here's another political poem from me:

Edwards was a little guy with a great big smile,
He ran to become the V.P. knowing all the while,
That Kerry was just using him to get in touch with the common man,
Bush heard of this and got uncomfortable and pushed for a
Constitutional ban.

See, it's easy. Just make some smart-alecky comments and put them in a block format. Anyone can do it.

That's your homework for the weekend. I expect to see everybody's poems by Monday. You'll be graded on effort. Have a good weekend.

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