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Under Bed


Category: poetry
Under bed, the little critters
Move with clicks and ticks and chitters
Giving me a case of jitters
Oh the dawn, so far away

Why haunt me, you little beasts?
Why seek me out for your feasts?
Why won't your little noises cease?
Oh the dawn, so far away

They dance, you know, under bed
I feel each time one bumps a head
I wish they danced elsewhere instead
Oh the dawn, so far away

Little claws on little hands
Big teeth for hungry plans
Cold night in their evil glance
Oh the dawn, so far away

If one's heart could be so bold
What nasty fiends one would behold
What hideous dreams would there unfold
Oh the dawn, so far away

Not me, my friend, to do such dare
I think I know enough what's there
Even the bravest soul would scare
Oh the dawn, so far away

So I cower in my bed
With my blankets over head
Fearing lest I become dead
Oh the dawn, so far away

I pull my covers up so tight
To protect in time of fright
Dispelling specters of the night
Oh the dawn, so far away

Wrap my body full in sheets
With attention to the feet
Avoiding dreadful end they'll meet
Oh the dawn, so far away

And when I see the light of dawn
For awhile leave covers on
Until I'm sure the beasts are gone
By the dawn, driven so far away

Yet, the night, I know comes back
Brace myself for next attack
Hope defenses will not lack
With the dawn so far away

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