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My New Site Layout


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Thanks for visiting! You may notice that there is a slightly different layout. This has been in the works for a short while and I hope you like it.

The old site was composed entirely of static HTML pages that used frames. The new format has dynamically generated pages with no frames. The back end is PHP with a mysql database to hold all the articles, comments, and other little things. Unlike many blogs, I've coded this personally instead of using a service. I'm a bit new to web programming so there may the occasional hiccup.

Why would I code my own site? That's simple. I'm working on my Computer Science Degree and I spend a great deal of time building things that can go on my resume. By building a nice website like this I can show not only web programming skill but also skill with SQL (that's for databases, for you non-techies.)

The coloring and such were made with the help of a couple of graphic designers I know. Hopefully, their advice will pay off. Feel free to leave your comments. I'll look them over and chuckle. If they are good comments, I may let you know who my graphics people were and see if they are available to give you advice for your site.

For everything else, this site will still contain the same obnoxious, logical crap I always write. Just for you, my loyal readers, I may even try to make some of it entertaining and possibly funny.

Thanks again for visiting

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