Red Winged Black Bird on a fence post in a field.



Category: prose

I went outside the other morning. The sunshine glared off the fresh snow. Little sparkles gleamed from the pristine surface. A bunny looked at me from where it had been eating. I didn’t want to disturb the poor creature, so I remained motionless.

It stared at me for a few more seconds and then slowly went back to eating. It took a bite out of some small morsel sticking out from the snow. Chew, chew, it kept on chewing.

What are you thinking about, little rabbit, when you chew your greens? I thought. I let my mind drift. I let relaxation come over me. I let my awareness reach out to touch the rabbit; to become one with the rabbit. Slowly my mind joined the mind of the peaceful bunny. Finally, I could listen in to its inner most thoughts.

It thought, “Damn this grass is dry. What I wouldn’t give for some real food. I hate my life.”

I took a deep breath and went about my business.

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