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On The Grudge 2


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If you read my review of the movie "The Grudge" you will know that I loved the film and highly recommended it. Naturally, I was thrilled to see that there was a sequel made. As so often happens, I was unable to catch it in the theaters and had to wait till it came out on video.

The original movie starred Sarah Michelle Gellar as Karen Davis, a woman who gets mixed up with an evil spirit and the horror ensues. The Grudge 2 centers on Karen's sister Aubrey who wants to know what happened to her sister.

I say "centers on" in the most loose manner. This film has very little cohesion. Though there are a limited number of characters, there seems to be several stories being told and none of them area really related. The movie ended and I had to ask, "What the??"

The film seems to have been made up of disjointed thoughts that didn't fit in the earlier movie. It was like they had the notebooks from the original and said, "Let's film all these different pieces and then try to stick them together into a sequel." That, of course, is not how to make a movie.

The only recommendation I can make about "The Grudge 2" is that you avoid it. Just do not watch it for any reason at all.

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