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Did the CIA use Weaponized Estrogen?

By April Primera, CNN
  • Italian contract claims he was hired to deliver barrels of Estrogen
  • CIA denies involvement
  • Estrogen can cause enviroment and human tragedy
  • Perpetrators face international court

Washington (CNN) --

A leaked security memo suggests that the CIA used Weaponized Estrogen in Afghanistan and Pakistan as part of the war on terror. The news has sent shockwaves through the international community because almost every treaty on warfare bans the use of chemical and biological weapons.

The leak first appeared on web sites in Italy and quickly spread through Europe and the United States. The source appears to be an Italian contractor hired to transport the chemical. Josseppi Burlone claims the CIA contracted his company to carry truckloads of barrels filled with liquid estrogen into the war zone. There, Burlone says, helicopters fitted with sprayers took the liquid into the mountains.

The CIA director Fred Brincalhao denied all knowledge of the operation, claiming it is just a story someone made up, possibly as a bad joke. Skeptics say it is customary for the CIA to deny participation in any of their operations. Brincalhao would not speculate on the use of liquid estrogen in the battlefield.

Dr. Andrew Vervalsing of the Falschung Institute says the affects of that much estrogen would be an ecological and human disaster. "Nearly every vertebrate species would have gender and reproduction issues," Vervalsing said, "Babies inside pregnant mothers would develop into females, regardless of their genetics. All other people in the area would develop strong feminine characteristics. The men would likely lose their facial hair, grow breasts, and suffer wild mood swings. In a generation, most of the population would be female."

There is still no proof of the allegations, but if found to be true, there will be serious repercussions. Violating bans on chemical and biological weapons leads to charges of Crimes Against Humanity that would be prosecuted in an international court. Penalties could reach up to two years in prison.

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